Teak Wood Garden Furniture

Teak Garden Furniture is a long-term purchase and investment. This is because, once you buy, it can be used for a very long period of time, even able to be used for generations. Does not require complicated maintenance, just simple maintenance, is able to produce the standard care needed by Teak Garden Furniture. Teak wood itself cannot be obtained in all countries, but only in certain countries, especially in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is one of the biggest producers, where Indonesia Furniture itself is centered and produces its biggest produce in Jepara, Central Java province, Indonesia. The main properties of this wood are hard, solid and durable. The advantage of using teak wood is that it is resistant to weather. This makes it suitable to be used as a material for garden furniture, outdoor patio, porch, side pool as well as many other outdoor spaces. So, the main problem with outdoor furniture is its durability in the face of any weather, extreme heat or rain.

Another advantage is having high natural oil content, this is very useful to provide active protection against pests, both insects or other animals that make porous. So no need to worry about putting it outdoors, it will always be protected by the presence of natural oil content that is not owned by other types of wood. Jepara Teak Garden Furniture has beautiful colors and natural fibers that are so elegant, displaying elegant, luxurious and classy works. Its distinctive fiber texture, golden brown color, gives an exclusive impression on every type of furniture made of teak wood. This is a distinctive identity of natural resources of Indonesia, becoming a characteristic in each of its products from time to time. On an ongoing basis, quality will continue to be maintained, in order to further provide the existence of Indonesian export products to various export destinations of other countries.

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